In the competition for controlling the maintenance costs of a superior quality of drinking water for the consumer, our company, Mösslein SRL Romania – Water Technology enters the Romanian market with new technologies and unique solutions, at European standards, for continuous improvement of drinking water quality in the area residential. Our company’s innovative technologies offer great benefits to water plants such as drastically reducing the use of chlorine, which is harmful and corrosive, removing ferruginous water from the consumer’s tap, minimizing water pipe degradation, optimizing maintenance costs, stopping training the biological film in the installations related to the drinking water and finally the increase of the confidence in the water networks.

The history of the company dates back to 2007, immediately after Romania’s entry into the European Union. The founder of Theodor Palade, a Canadian company in cooperation with Gunter Mosslein (charman-Mosslein GbmH) decided to introduce in 2009 for the first time in Romania a company that would provide independent water companies, unique services for raising the quality of drinking water .

Drinking water is our vital source of existence, which is why its quality cannot be compromised. Today, the world’s traditional methods of maintaining drinking water quality, which are outdated and expensive, are still used.

In this context, it is generally accepted that new technologies are eagerly awaited to ensure a high standard of drinking water quality. Currently, the quality of drinking water that reaches the user is substantially diminished due to mineral deposits, microorganisms and bacteria in water tanks, filter media and in the urban water supply system.

The consequences of declining water quality are residual chlorine losses, accumulations of by-products (generated by the disinfection process) and increased turbidity. Chlorine-based products have been and still are widely used in the treatment of drinking water in the drinking water distribution system, despite the fact that it can be harmful to health and corrosive.

Mösslein comes to the Romanian market with new and unique technologies to offer solutions for maintaining and improving the quality of drinking water that reaches the consumer.

Our company can offer you solutions for improving the quality of drinking water, based on the preliminary analysis of its composition. Once the analyzes have been performed, the optimal solutions can be established, as well as the related technologies – both mechanical and chemical – to solve the problems found after the analyzes. This analysis is performed by our technical staff from Germany or Romania, specialized in drinking water treatment issues (engineers or chemists), at competitive costs.

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