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In the competition to control the costs of maintaining a superior quality of drinking water for the consumer, our company, Mösslein SRL Romania – Water Technology

enters in the Romanian market with new technologies and unique solutions, at European standards, for the continuous improvement of drinking water quality in the residential area.

The innovative technologies of our company offer great benefits to water plants such as drastically reducing the use of chlorine, which is damaging and corrosive,

eliminating ferruginous water from the consumer’s tap, minimizing the degradation of water pipes, optimizing maintenance expenses, stopping the formation of biological

 film in drinking water installations and finally increasing the confidence in water networks.

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Air-Power Method : Pipe Cleaning

Mosslein offers customers a pipe cleaning service without the use of chemicals or mechanical methods.

Air Power Technology. According to the regulations in place, drinking water must be supplied to consumers without exceeding the parameters provided by the legislation. Due to the wearing of the pipe system, of the biofilm formed on the inside water pipe and of the mineral deposits the quality of the water is diminishing.

Filter Aktive Clean method for removing deposits

Filter Aktive Clean - offers the Mosslein customers the ability to extend the service life of filters in water treatment systems and keep them at high performance.

Metoda folosita de firma Mosslein se realizeaza folosind un mixt de produse chimice care se prepara in funtie de analiza prealabila a materialului fitrant . Produsele chimice se introduc direct in filtru fara a fi nevoie de mutarea materialului fiftrant . Solutiile chimice asigura indepartarea depunerilo de pe materialul filtrant si dezinfectia acestuia .

Pipe Aktive Clean

This technology applies to drinking water pipelines before to be in service or in case of accidental contamination.

Pipe Activ Clean Mosslein uses a mobile installation by which a disinfectant is pumped into the water pipe and depending on the disinfectant used and the customer's wishes the operation can take 2-3 hours or a maximum of 24 hours. After the disinfectant runs into the pipe, water samples are taken to check the effectiveness of the work carried out.


provides customers with a corrosion inhibitor that stops corrosion and mineral deposits from the water pipe and at the same time remarkably improves the quality of drinking water. As a result it stops complaints and increases consumer confidence in the drinking water distribution system.

This technology is easy to apply, does not require special installations, does not need special work protection measures and protects the whole distribution network including the heat exchangers (plates). Folmar is a corrosion inhibitor that forms a thin film on the plates of heat exchangers and on the pipe carrying (hot) water to consumers and on meters that will not block.

Cetta Clean

Bio flocculant for water treatment. Contains aluminium polysilicate from natural raw materials - superior flocculation capacity in addition to aluminium-based coagulants - effective at low temperatures due to silica content - simple dosing by pump, no dilution required


High-performance drinking water quality maintenance system.

MSP 2000 is in fact a water quality treatment system that can be suitable for any type of water source whether surface or underground. Its function is not a simple filtration but a complete system. The MSP 2000 technology is developed by the German company Mosslein GmbH.

Special Disinfections

Removal of contamination from drinking water installations

Pipe Activ Clean method uses a mobile installation which pumps a disinfectant solution into the water pipe and hold it into the pipe at least 2-3 hours or maximum 24 hours to be effective. In the meantime, a water sample is collected to check the effectiveness of the disinfectant.

Sodium hypochlorite dosing stations

On request, the stations can be equipped with a sensor and controller for real-time measurement of the amount of chlorine in the water and control of the dosage.

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